About The Sports Arsenal

This is intended to be a place for me to post my thoughts about sports, and maybe a few other things from time to time.  Expect to see a lot more posts about baseball than hockey, and semi-regular commentary about any military schools currently competing in the Southern Conference.  Also, I consider gardening a sport.  That will explain any pictures of crinums or tomatoes that may occasionally pop up…

I’ve posted on a variety of sports-related forums over the years (almost always posting under the username “Sandlapper Spike”), but this is my first attempt at a blog.


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  2. Great Blog my friend…

  3. Fascinating article. Thanks.

  4. I have added you to my blogroll.

    Also, do you have an archive of pictures from the USC-El Cid football game in 1990? I was there as the drum major of the band, and I have never seen any stills from the game until I noticed the pic at the toip of you blog.

  5. Thank you. This is the best sports article I have read in my 60 years…honest. My dad, “Moose” Kahle played tight end for Carolina in that 1950 game. He claims he invented the wide receiver position after he hurt an opposing player and the defense was targeting him. As they kept pointing and yelling at him, he started moving toward the sidelines so they couldn’t catch him. The QB said, “where are you going?” He ran down the sideline and into the locker room..gone.
    Your play by play of that game put me on the field in Johnson Haygood Stadium. Excellent recount of an unlikely victory. Thank you. Bobby Kahle, Citadel ’72

  6. “Time” will change the facts over the years, won’t it? My son, Bobby, has heard that story many times over the years, and this is yet another story gone sour. The fact is, the game in which this happened was against Wake Forest not The Cid. NOBODY runs from daCid.

  7. Ha! I wrote that two years ago. You have always said, don’t mess up a good story with the facts.

  8. Please add me to any sports related articles associated with THE CITADEL.

    John McGee
    Class of 1968


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