College Football TV Listings 2011, Week 14

This is a list of every game played during week 14 of the college football season involving at least one FBS or FCS school.  All games are listed, televised or not.  For the televised games (only live broadcasts are listed), I include the announcers and sideline analysts/reporters (where applicable).  I put all of it on a Google Documents spreadsheet that can be accessed at the following link:

College Football TV Listings 2011, Week 14

Additional notes:

— I include games; they are denoted as “ESPN3”.

— The local affiliates for the WAC Network game of the week (Idaho-Nevada) can be found here:  Link

— Also listed on the document in a comment are the regional nets carrying Iowa State-Kansas State.

— Included in the listings is the Army-Navy game, even though it will actually take place next week (on December 10).

— BCS Standings:  Link

A lot of the information I used in putting together all the listings for this season came courtesy of Matt Sarzyniak’s alarmingly comprehensive and completely indispensable website College Sports on TV, a must-bookmark for any fan of college sports.  Also to be credited, as always, are the indefatigable information gatherers (and in some cases sports-TV savants) at the

I have also been assisted on occasion by helpful athletic media relations officials at various schools and conferences. I greatly appreciate their help.

This will be the final college football TV listings post of the season. To be honest, I don’t know if I will continue to post the listings next year. I am uncertain as to the value of doing so, given the vast array of listings already available online.

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