Game Review, 2013: Charleston Southern

Well, that was ugly…

I’ll write about the game (and a few ancillary elements) as part of my preview of the matchup with Wofford. That was always going to be the plan anyway. After the ridiculousness of Saturday night, though, a few days to think things over may not be such a bad thing.

I took some pictures of the pregame scene and some of the game itself. As usual, the “action shots” aren’t the best. I decided to post them anyway. I know some folks like to look at formations, etc.

I’ll close this brief post on a somewhat positive note:

On The Citadel Foundation’s website, there is now a specific fund for The Citadel’s mascot program. As I’ve said before, the re-institution of the mascot program is arguably the best thing the school has done over the past decade or so.

I’m going to keep a link to the site on the right side of my blog for at least a little while, which isn’t something I would normally do. I’m going to make a one-time exception for this (no, I wasn’t asked). As the site says:

The cost of maintaining and transporting the Bulldog Mascots is funded solely through generous donations. The Citadel does not provide any funding for these wonderful ambassadors.

I am honestly surprised the school does not fund this program. Maybe some of the powers that be are unaware of the value it provides; I don’t know. I’m just glad there is now a donating option for supporters.

Here are the aforementioned photos. Apologies in advance for the occasionally hilarious quality, but everyone knows I’m not much of a photographer. I had an even more difficult time than usual on Saturday for some reason.

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