More HD, less people for CBS College Sports TV

Richard Sandomir of The New York Times wrote a short article about CBS College Sports TV (formerly CSTV) moving away from studio shows:

CBS College Sports said Thursday that it was laying off nearly one-quarter of its staff, or about 30 employees. The cutbacks signify the network’s shift from studio programs to increased high-definition event coverage.

I agree that it is better to have more HD programming than to have lame studio shows.  What would be better, though, would be to have more HD programming and actually good studio shows.  I guess that is a bit too high-concept, though…

Speaking of CBS College Sports TV, I am still trying to figure out what would be an appropriate acronym for the network.  When I post the weekly college football TV/announcers schedule on the Terp/Wake message boards, I have lately been employing “CCS” (standing for ‘CBS College Sports’).  I wish I could think of a better one.  “CBS-CS” doesn’t really work, at least for me.